(posted January 28, 2021)

Kaymon Tywan Wilson is now 16 years old. He was diagnosed with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome at about 3 months old.  He also has been diagnosed with Autism and a speech delay.  Kaymon will be graduating from High School in June 2023 and then transitioning into the 18+ program. He lives in Southeast Texas in the city of Beaumont with his parents. Kaymon’s mother, Twana Wilson is a Publisher Author, Healthcare Field Interviewer, Parent, Advocate, and Mentor.  Kaymon’s father is a Maintenance Mechanic with the U.S. Postal Service and U.S. Army Veteran.

Kaymon loves music and his electronics (keyboard, headphones, laptop, iPod, iPad, iphone, & Alexa). He has one sister and one brother and loves to spend time with them and visit his aunt and grandparents.  During his lifetime thus far, Kaymon has shown incredible talents and gifts, like mastering the BopIt sensory play toy at all levels.  Kaymon is the Vice-President of the Youth and Young People Department (YPD) at his church.  You will find him leading prayer, singing in the youth choir, and occasionally playing the piano. Kaymon serves as the story inspiration of a new children’s book series, “The Chronicles of Blue” when a child with 22q and various developmental disabilities and his family help each other to overcome obstacles daily.  The first book, Me, You, and 22q pre-orders will be available at the website. This was a collaborative project between him and his mother written during the pandemic and hopes that the book will inspire others with 22q and their families.  In addition, Kaymon has been featured as a special guest of The Reeva Williams Show in Southeast Texas who showcases people doing special things, gifts, and talents in the community spreading positivity.  Kaymon found his love for the piano watching his musical director at church play the piano and in middle school from his choir teacher who was instrumental in helping to develop a behavior intervention strategy to reinforce positive behavior. He has taught himself how to play non-traditional to classical music on the piano, from Super Mario Bros to “Fur Elise” by Beethoven. To add, Kaymon has just been named the Star Student of the Week during the month of November at the Southeast Texas School of Music where he is under the direction of Ms. Leslie.

​Kaymon is working on public communication skills, obtaining his driver’s license, deciding where he wants to go to college, and brainstorming of what his career path will be.  Kaymon’s dream job would be working as a meteorologist, piano player, or anything technology.  Recently, Kaymon was able to speak along side his mom about 22q and what is means for other 22q families to the local City Council and receive a proclamation (legislative advocacy) for 22q Awareness to be recognized during the month of November and November 22nd as 22q Awareness Day. Kaymon’s is excited about having his first official teenager birthday party.  His favorite saying now is, “am I 17 yet?” and “what’s gonna happen then?”