It was a bright, overcast, Summer day in 2011. Fearless, 33-month-old Cayden David Helvey with 22q11.2 has overcome 5 surgeries. He jumped into the downtown Sanford North Carolina train park fountain with clothes and all. As a mother, I watched him lick, drink, cough and jump at the water. I was worried as I thought in my head, “Oh, please don’t get sick during this fun time.” As his mother, I know how easy it is for Cayden to get a sinus infection after swimming in the water. As Cayden was playing and having the time of his life he was splashing, kicking and running with the kids around the fountain. Cayden heard a military plane fly over his head. He is familiar with this noise since his daddy is in the Air Force and often sees the planes on base. He looked up into the sky squinting his eyes to catch a glimpse of that big plane flying by. Dripping wet with beads of water, he folded his hands together as if he was praying. Come to find out, Cayden did not get sick after spending time in the town water fountain. Did he really say a prayer to not get sick or was it an angel he saw flying by? The name Cayden means “Fighter”, and that is our son. We love this picture because it reminds us everyday how truly blessed we are to have him, 22q11.2 and all!