Posted November 2, 2021

A few years ago I had written a paper on my life with 22q. Since I wrote it, life has been challenging but manageable. The following is an update on what’s been happening.

After being employed for 25 years, I retired at 62. Shortly thereafter, I was hospitalized for two weeks over the Thanksgiving holiday. I had breathing problems and was transported by ambulance to the hospital early one morning. My oxygen was low, then, while there I had developed pneumonia. But, thankfully, they caught it in time. Eventually, I recovered and the gist of it was that I had developed asthma. My lungs are very weak, mostly in the cold weather. At one point, I had a partial collapsed lung that I totally ignored and only found out after the allergist looked at an X-ray. I remembered that I was out of breath and then it made since. So, I use an inhaler twice a day every day to manage it.

Now, heading into my sixth year of retirement. Enjoying it very much being on my own schedule. I still keep busy, connecting with my friends and family via Zoom, Duo and Facebook and with my hobbies, and finding new ways to exercise.

And yes, I still have my fair share of doctors’ appointments. Only lately, have they been in person but I really like doing the virtual ones for many reasons. New things crop up the older I get, but, for the most part, they are controllable.

I like this quote by John Quincy Adams, “Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.” Hang in there and give it your best. You all have got this!