Amy was born a blue baby. She had difficulty feeding, frequent illnesses and cried with discomfort almost constantly. At 13 months, Amy had heart surgery to repair a large VSD and release a vascular ring. Her attitude and energy improved and she learned to crawl, then walk by 22 months.

Infancy through elementary school years were spent at physical and speech therapy appointments as well as pediatrician and ENT appointments for frequent illnesses especially chronic ear infections. Pharyngeal flap surgery was performed at age of 4 ½ which improved her nasality and speech. Amy also began monthly IV gamma globulin treatments to boost her immune system. She continues with these treatments to this day.

During middle school, Amy developed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Throughout her high school years, she cycled through hypo- and hyper- thyroid disease and its negative effects. In addition to poor health, she required support academically needing repetition and visual aids to learn material. With determination, she graduated with a regular diploma and got her driver’s license.

Amy attended community college and took classes in Office Management and Japanese. She currently does part-time data entry for her father’s company. Her hobbies include Japanese language/culture, travelling and videography. We couldn’t be more proud of her!